Founder of Body IQ USA &
Janine Galati, LMT

Body IQ® Exercise & Massage Therapy Programs are the life's work of founder, Janine Galati 
During her years as a ballet dancer, Janine recognized that our innate intelligence
is not locked up in our heads, like popular thinking promotes. 
Intelligence is intricately woven in to the fabric of our being
and can be stimulated and enhanced through regular patterned movement.  
This is the premise of BODY IQ®.
Based on her personal experience, Janine focused her work
on exploring the brain/body connection for how and why cognitive limitations exist;
as well as how cognitive function can be improved through regular patterned movement & exercise.
Janine's own story is very personal and helped inspire her career path. 
Her story is the source of her success & recognition and has helped her sculpt her unique approach to exercise, health & wellness.

She continues to dedicate her life to helping people understand the brain/body link and it role in
total health, the importance of simple movement and how balanced body movement,
in particular regular, patterned body movement can improve over all health
and stimulate brain function. 
BODY IQ® is a term Janine coined in 1996 and its appeal stuck because it
best describes her approach to for utilizing body movement to train the body/mind.
Body IQ is a registered & protected mark -- U.S. Patent & Registration Office of U. S. A.


Janine is an Exercise Physiologist, Movement Therapist & Licensed Masage Therapist with 25 years experience of shaping
and re-shaping bodies. 
She is the Founder & Creator of Body IQ Pilates & Body IQ Massage Therapy Programs.
Janine owned and operated Philadelphia's First Pilates/Yoga Studio in Center City, Philadelphia
for 17 years.  She is known for her up-front/rigorous style of training which provides results
and for her break through thinking around creating possibilities for change.
Nationally recognized, Janine has been featured on local & national networks including: NBC,
CBS & Discovery Channel.  She works with celebrities & athletes and maintains a small studio
in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  
She is available for Continuing Educational Workshops & Teacher Training
for Exercise Professionals Physical Therapists, Chiropractors & Athletic Trainers.

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