The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a moral, spiritual and global environmental imperative for our culture.
Industrialization & automation have become the social & political thrust
of a people who desperately seek change without fully understanding how achieve it.
We have become distanced from nature that is our birth right.
Intelligence and how we gain access to its power, is intricately linked to our birth right
and to our ability to articulate and express ourselves fully mind, body & spirit.

It is a documented, scientific fact that regular exercise which is rigorous,
engages all the senses and includes repetitive motion
will strengthen the body, as well as the mind.

"Movement is thought in motion.
Body IQ is a measure of how well you put your thoughts into motion,
physically, spiritually and psychologically...
It is a place from which higher thought can evolve".
-J. Galati 1998

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