Body IQ® Small Ball Therapy Kit
includes, 8 inch ball, flexible travel
pump and a convenient back pac for
your travels.

Ball Kit  $38. (includes tax & shipping)



This DVD set offers a look into the how to's of Yoga & Pilates.  
Body IQ® DVD 1 offers 6 tutorials which feature explanations of the
BODY IQ PRINCIPLES necessary for mastering the art and science for healthy balanced movement.
Body IQ® DVD 2 offers 4 exercise sequences for you to practice the
principles you learned in DVD 1.
DVD Set (2-90 minute DVD's) 
$40. for set (includes tax & shipping)




Taking Root to Fly by Irene Dowd
Is a series of articles written by Irene
over her years of teaching on Functional
Anatomy.  Her illustrations and imagery
help bring new ideas for learning and
thinking about anatomy and movement.

$35. (includes tax & shipping)

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